Our Mission

To advocate for the profession of educators within the public school setting. We value our students' learning and understand that it requires patient, dedicated, highly skilled and uniquely trained professionals to best develop and administer curriculum. We work through the collective bargaining process to maintain and improve working conditions and compensation for teachers making this a viable, attractive career path and place to work.

PEA has approximately 512 members (2012-13). This is made of teachers, counselors, psychologists, speech pathologists, media specialists and other educational professionals.

  • ~11 Number of local Executive Board members including the officers. (If no vacant seats.)
  • 39 Potential number of building reps based upon ratio 15:1 if there were equal distribution.
  • 13 How many functioning school buildings there are in operation in Portage Schools.
  • 490 About the number that is employed as 1.0 (full-time) contracted teachers.
  • 22 The number of teachers that are typically part-time, contract less than 1.0
  • ~225 Number of members primarily assigned at the elementary level
  • ~125 Number of members primarily assigned at the middle school level
  • ~160 Number of members primarily assigned at the high school level
  • ~238+ How many are on or below step 10
  • ~172+ Number of our members on steps 11-19
  • ~100+ Number of our members on or above step 20
  • fte ‘full-time equivalent’ on salary schedule by level: ~125 fte on BA; ~302 MA; ~44 MA+30
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  • ~$500,000 Roughly how much fiscal responsibility existed in collection of dues 12-13 to make necessary payments to MEA/NEA as well as maintain local budgeting.
  • $89,425 Annual amount of revenue for budget (based upon 511 members paying $175/each).
  • $93,585 Adopted budget (5/20/13) for SY2013-14. Given unknown impact of Right To Work and implementation of proportional dues at the local level, our first order of business in September 2013 is to re-evaluate operations, revenue and expenses and propose a new budget for consideration and adoption at the October Rep Council.
  • $35,000 Paid by PEA to PPS to cover cost of current president’s release time from PPS to perform union related business. This is based upon the president’s lane (MA +30) step (23) and percentage of contract being released from their full-time employment (33% release). This includes the current FICA rate of 7.65% and current MPSERS rate of 25.36%.
  • $ 175 How much every dues paying member paid toward Portage EA dues in 2012-13. It was approved during the Representative Council meeting held 5/20/13 that starting in the fall of the 2013-14 year, the PEA would adopt a percentage dues system similar to what is used by the NEA. PEA dues would, for the first time, be rated in smaller proportional dues for part-time staff. The approved system will be for staff contracted less that .25 the dues would be 25% of a full-time member’s dues (currently $175) for an amount of $43.75, for members employed more than .25 but less than .50 they would pay 50% of full dues for an am0unt of $87.50, and those employed more than 50% would pay full dues amount of $175.

*$8,000 was budgeted for 50% release. Compromise approved was to reduce release-time from 50% to 33% and raise stipend of president just $3,000 to compensate for no planning and 33% increase in instruction.

  • $ 400 Amount annually from interest on banking/checking accounts.
  • $ 50 Amount budgeted per building to put toward retirement celebrations annually.
  • $4,000 Total amount for PEA leaders and members to attend conferences and trainings.
  • $ 200 Office supply budget.
  • $ 500 Budgeted for on-line surveys and voting.
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  • $11,000* President’s annual stipend. ($9.942 after dues)
  • $2,225 “Roll-up” costs (FICA, MPSERS) associated with paying current President.
    • $761 Associated FICA costs for 12-13
    • $2,252 Associated MPSERS costs for 12-13 release time
  • $1,000 Amount paid toward president’s cell phone annually.
  • 33% Percentage of the contract with the PPS that is release time for the president under a letter of agreement drafted in SY2012-13 and continued into SY2013-14. The actually contract still accommodates a 50% release but current president, Eric VerHey, (in order to keep costs down for the PEA) has voluntarily suggested he abdicate all planning time and increase instructional load 33% so that the president works 4 academic course and has no scheduled planning. This could likely change if the LOA is not extended on an annual basis or if other president’s find they need the additional release time re-instated.
  • $4,500 Salary of the Chief Negotiator. Paid only when contract negotiations occur.
    • $1,485 “Roll-up” costs (FICA, MPSERS) associated with paying current Chief Negotiator.
      • $344 Associated FICA costs for 12-13
      • $1,141 Associate MPSERS costs for 12-13
  • $2,700 Vice President’s pay. This includes mandatory membership on negotiating team.
    • $1,000 Member of Negotiating team
    • $1,700 VP pay
  • $1,700 Treasurer’s Pay.
  • $1,000 Membership Chairperson’s pay. Often, not always, also the Treasurer.
  • $1,300 Payment and oversight of government forms and taxes. Also, often the Treasurer.
  • $1,700 Secretary pay involves both Executive Board and Representative Council meetings.
  • $1,500 Grievance chairperson pay per school year.
  • $ 300 Annual budgeted for PEA’s KCEA delegates. One (1) meeting per month at the KCEA.
  • $ 300 The amount the MEA Representative Assembly delegate gets paid. Requires attendance at a Fall RA (Saturday) and a Spring RA (Friday & Saturday). This pay is in addition to their pay as an Executive Board member.
  • $4,000 Budget amount toward building rep stipends. Based upon $20 per rep and 9 meetings per year. A building’s number of reps is part of the By-Laws and currently a 15:1 ratio.
  • $1,000 Stipend for being a member of the negotiating team. Payment only made after contract is fully ratified by both PEA and PPS. Total cost could vary depending upon the size of the team. In SY2012-13 the cost was $3,000 as no additional compensation is made either the President or Chief Negotiator and Vice President salary takes this into account already.

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