Unions, and teachers, are under direct, targeted attack. The first step is to disguise attacks as a way to help workers with pseudo-friendly movements like “Right To Work” which most anyone can see as a way to weaken workers’ voice and ability to negotiate or grieve any aspect of their pay, benefits, working conditions or pensions. New Jersey Republican Governor, Chris Christie, has been calling for minimum wage salary for teachers while Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker wants to abolish all unions and strip middle class working America of any voice in workplace.


We must KNOW which party and candidates support teachers, education and unions and which DO NOT! There is a state-wide and national attack on both unions and teachers in America.

Scott Walker pic

“Many of Walker’s proposals are focused on unions for workers at all levels of government, while others would also affect private-sector unions. Labor law experts said such an effort, if successful, would substantially reduce the power of organized labor in America.”… read the whole news article by clicking on the link!