UPDATE: 3% Case to be heard by Michigan Supreme Court

MEA statement regarding Supreme Court decision to hear Snyder appeal on 3 percent lawsuit



June 1, 2017 — The following can be attributed to MEA President Steven Cook in response to the Supreme Court’s decision to hear Gov. Snyder’s appeal in the long-running lawsuit regarding the 3 percent of salary illegally taken from school employees paychecks:


“We are disappointed in the decision by the Michigan Supreme Court to grant the Snyder administration’s application for leave to appeal on the 3 percent case. MEA and our coalition of plaintiffs have won at every level this case has been heard.

“It has been seven years since trial court originally ruled that PA 75 was unconstitutional. The case history since then clearly shows the withholding of the 3 percent from school employee’s paychecks was in direct violation of the Michigan Constitution.

“We look forward to presenting our case to the Supreme Court and to the day when school employees across the state will receive the money that was illegally taken from them.”

“The mission of the MEA is to ensure that the education of our students and the working environments of our members are of the highest quality.”