If YOU are not staying informed, not contacting elected representatives, and not voting, who do you think is going to save your career and our profession? The negative impact of proposed legislation will only further erode our schools and profession in Michigan if we do not exercise a strong voice as individuals and maintain a strong union as professionals things will not get better on their own!
Senate Education Committee on Tuesday [2/3/2016] approved a package of bills to punish Detroit teachers involved in sick-outs to call attention to the terrible conditions. Under the bills, teachers involved in sick-outs could face the loss of their teaching certificate, and their bargaining units could be decertified for five years.
Language added to the bills at the last minute would allow union bargaining units to be dissolved even if the only person involved in a “strike” is a non-member – even if the union did not approve the individual’s action!

In addition, A House bill to make the school calendar off-limits to bargaining is expected to get a hearing in the House Education Committee next week.

House Bill 5194, introduced by Education Committee Vice Chair Daniela Garcia (R-Holland), is co-sponsored by every Republican member of the committee. The change would make the school calendar a management decision prohibited from bargaining. 
MEA strongly opposes the loss of members’ right to negotiate school calendars on the local level.
“We have to stay together and stay strong as a union to get the word out to the rest of the state, and to try to overcome this stuff coming down from people that are anti-public education,” said Baldwin EA member Stewart Nasson, a school counselor.

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