Tentative Agreement 2015-2016
Following the PEA By-Laws:
If there is a Tentative Agreement (TA) during the summer, the fan-out will be used to get members to pick up their Tentative Agreements. At least one general informational meeting will be held, for questions. The general membership meeting may be held at the time members are notified to pick up Tentative Agreements, but will not be held more than one week after date of Tentative Agreement dispersal. Following the informational meeting, voting may take place at either a separate general meeting or at the first general membership meeting (or electronically). The Executive Board, at its discretion, will set the ratification election date.

The general membership meeting to discuss the TA will be held this Wednesday, June 24th beginning at 9:00am in the Central High School Auditorium. Copies of the TA will be available at the meeting and also electronically for those who can’t attend.
With the ability of MEA-IT to coordinate in time, PEA Executive Board has approved that members will electronically vote from 9am on Wednesday, June 24th through 9am on Friday, June 26th.  This will give the Board of Education a few days to ratify before the expiration of our current contract (and the increased insurance premiums are picked up 100% by our members.)  The TA and voting instructions are attached at the bottom of the page emailed to members Tuesday morning.
As a reminder, only PEA members in good standing may vote on the TA.   Last week our Treasurer, Martha Keeler, sent out a courtesy email to members not in good standing with a reminder to call MEA at 1-866-632-4357 to get current on payments or agree to a payment plan.  Please, please, please check the monthly statements that MEA email on the 15th of every month.  Open the attachment to see your balance and call the help line with any questions.
Questions on the TA? Contact our appointed Chief Negotiator: