This is a helpful tool to maintain privacy and confidentiality of printed documents.

PART 1 – At the computer

When you have the document you want up and are ready to print follow these steps.

  • Select “file” from upper left corner of your screen
  • Select “print” from the drop down menu
  • Click on the “Properties” button in the upper right corner of the window
  • The “set up” tab should be the default that automatically opens up (if not, select that tab)
  • In the top center of the window you see “Job Type” listed above a window reading “normal”. Select the drop down menu for that window and change “normal” to “locked print
  • Now select “Details” button right below the window that reads “locked print”
  • Enter both a User ID and a password (you’ll need these again when you get to the actual printer)
  • Keep clicking the “OK” button until all the pop up windows close and the document has been sent to the printer.

*(These direction assume you are sending to one of the large printers found in a central location and not a smaller printer at an individual work station.)

PART 2 – At the printer

When you get to the printer and are ready to print off your documents follow these steps.

  • First, enter you teacher code in the security unit as you would any other print job.
  • Select the button “Printer” on the left side of the machine (not on the touch screen but on the actual machine itself just to the left of the touch screen display.) It is usually set to the top button “Copy”
  • Now, using the touch screen display tap the “view locked print jobs” in the lower right
  • Select the print job that you want to print by touching the screen so that it’s highlighted.
  • Tap the screen’s “Print” key
  • Enter your pre-selected User ID and Code
  • Click “yes”
  • When you are done be sure to go back and push the “Copy” button on the upper left part of the copier (not on the touch screen but on the printer itself). This will restore the regular touch screen on the printer.

You should be all set!