Our long time MEA Uniserve Director, Ana Kinnison, has made the decision to officially retire effective December 31, 2013. As many of you were aware Ana was diagnosed with colon cancer last spring. She had been on extended medical leave as she went through several surgeries and months of aggressive chemotherapy. I am very pleased to report that Ana is responding very well to the treatment. I had the surprise of a special visit at the PEA office today! As you can see she is bouncing back well. Ana wanted folks to know just a little about her journey as it relates to the benefits of MESSA and her ordeal. The costs associated with her treatment were $8,000/full day of chemo treatment. Early on the cost per visit were $14,000! She has had to be on treatment for 1 day a week 3 weeks a month at a cost of about $18-24,000 per month which will continue for likely the first year. That is in addition to her 3 surgeries which totaled over $51,000 thus far. She is a strong advocate for the benefits of a good healthcare plan and a reminder that all too often we may not realize the benefits until fate befalls us and then we really appreciate the value and quality of union bargained MESSA!