What Does the PEA Do?

We are a labor union comprised of public school teachers employed by the Portage (MI) Public Schools. We represent regular education, special education, elective/encore educators, counselors, psychologist, specialists, librarians, technologists, pathologists and other licensed professionals. We exist under the current 'Right to Work' laws in Michigan and engage in collective bargaining to advocate for strong, attractive working conditions so that our profession will both attract and retain highly educated, dedicated, skilled educators.

Did You Know?
Rights you're entitled to by contract:
Article 6 Section 7:
All teachers shall have a duty free uninterrupted lunch not less than 30 minutes.
Article 7 Section 2:
Elementary teachers are NOT obligated to supervise students before the first bell.
Article 7 Section 2 J:
Bus duty is NOT required of grade level teachers in the elementary schools.
Article 2 Section 8:
The third Monday of every month is reserved for union meetings. No other school meetings should be held on these Mondays.

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