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Portage Education Association

The Atriums North Ste 1210

4341 S. Westnedge Ave.
Kalamazoo, MI 49008

Chris Furlong

Office (269) 373-3913

Cell (269) 506-2669


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Portage Education Association

Executive Board

Kat Frink:

Vice President
Communications Chair & MEA RA Delegate

Martha Keeler:

Sheila Clothier:

Jeff Vanhoeven:

MEA RA Delegate

Matthew Caramagno & Adrienne Graham
Grievance Chairpersons &

Laura Daugherty and Becky Bailey
MEA Field assistants

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PEA Building Representatives


Peggy Link AMB
Carolynn Meyers AMB
Marcia Moore ANG
Brad Regulski CEL
Liz Honeysett CHS
Patrick FitzHenry CHS
Lisa Jepson CHS
Dan Ramsdell CMS
Steve Savage CMS
Susan Kallewaard HAV
Lori Arnold LCE
Dawn Merasco MBE
Zac Crouch MBE
Amber Dixon NHS
John Fitzpatrick NHS
Stephanie Wagner NMS
Autumn Brasher TWL
Keith Lam TWL
Jeff VanHoeven WMS
Hillary Ruimveld WOD
Sarah Place WOD
Jennifer Treharne ComHS


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Contact Elected Officials


Gov. Gretchen Whitmer


Rep. Jon Hoadley


Rep. Brandt Iden


Sen. Sean McCann





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The Kalamazoo County Education Association

The Kalamazoo County Education Association (KCEA) is an educational, non-profit organization of unionized educators and support personnel in the Greater Kalamazoo area. The Educational Associations (EA’s) and Educational Support Personnel (ESP) are both represented within this body. Monthly meetings of the KCEA Coordinating Council are conducted at 5600 Portage Road at the Kal-Port building’s second floor. Portage EA is represented by Chairperson, Randy Borden (CHS) and representatives Mary Roobol, Eric VerHey, Sherri Simms, and Mary Roobol.

The following groups are represented within the KCEA:

Climax-Scotts EA Comstock EA/ESP Schoolcraft EA
Galesburg-Augusta EA/ESP Gull Lake EA Kalamazoo Public EA/ESP Kalamazoo Public Librarians/ESP Mattawan EA/ESP Kalamazoo Behavior Specialists
MEA Board MEA Retired MESSA Representative Parchment EA/ESP Portage Teachers (EA)
and the following ESP groups:
Portage Bus Drivers, Secretarial staff, Custodians
MEA Uniserv Directors (Joe Ryan, Denise Pyle, Ana Kinnison)

The Executive Board for the PEA is made up of the officers: President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary as well as the MEA – Representative Assembly delegates, the NEA-Representative Delegates and all At-Large elected representative. This group is scheduled to meet 3 times per year including their attendance at the Representative Council. The purpose of the Executive Board is to discuss local matters that impact or may impact our membership.

All terms are elected by the PEA membership at large and are two-year terms. The seats rotate so that the entire Board is not replaced in any one year, however all the officers run and are elected during the same two year span. Elections are held in conjunction with the MEA Region 5 elections in March. All terms become effective upon the first day of summer break.

The Representative Council (Rep. Council) is a governing body within the PEA. This is a collection of teachers from all 13 schools. The Council meets on the third Monday of each month at 4:15 unless there is a conflict within the school calendar or the Council as agreed to alternate date(s) & time(s). A ratio of 15 members per 1 representative is what the local By-laws stipulate will be allowed. A copy of the Constitution and By-laws is available on this site in the downloads section.

Representatives are required to attend a minimum of 80% of the meetings as well as hold monthly meetings within their buildings so that PEA information is disseminated to the membership. The election of building representatives is to be conducted in the fall at the start of the year. Due to changes in teaching assignments, voluntary/involuntary transfers, etc. the staff may change year to year within any given building making annual elections a necesity.

Feel free to bring any concerns you may have to your building representative for discussion before the Representative Council.


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