2/15/2021-If you or someone you know has never been apart of the union talk to your building rep about the March membership drive. Remember membership matters, the stronger we are the better our contract.

2/9/2021~Please complete the PEA Negotiations Survey in your email by February 17. 

1/18/2021~Rep meeting takeaways:

  • If you have a problem at your school before filing a grievance know what would reconcile the situation for you and have you/would you be willing to talk to administration.  Many times this conversation between you and admin will resolve the issue without the union becoming involved which could help keep a relationship intact.  
  • Remember if you are asked to do an extra duty and you say yes you are volunteering with no additional compensation.  If you are told to do an extra duty then you should submit a timesheet for that time because you are entitled to compensation.  
  • If you are out and you virtually teach you should not get charged sick days.  If you are out and you write lesson plans you will be charged.    

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PEA has approximately 480 members. We are proud teachers, counselors, psychologists, speech pathologists, media specialists and other educational professionals.


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Did you know MEA offers multiple conferences throughout the year for training, networking and sharing ideas with other professionals? Check the MEA conference website for more information.

  • ESP Statewide Conference – The 2021 ESP Conference will be held on March 26-27, 2021. Information about the conference coming soon.
  • MEA Conference for Aspiring and Early Career Educators – The 2021 MEA Conference for Aspiring and Early Career Educators will be held virtually on Saturday, March 20, 2021. The conference includes sessions on professional practice, leadership and career growth, and advocacy and political action.

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